PowerAutomate triggers with Planner?

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Hi there,


Are there any plans to increase the number of available powerautomate triggers with Planner?  I'd love to see things like:


When a comment is added

When a subtask is complete

When a task changes buckets





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Hi @Arin Komins, there are no current plans but please share your scenarios at https://planner.uservoice.com/forums/330525-microsoft-planner-feedback-forum.  You might be able to drive something based on the notifications for comments for the first option.  For the second are you referring to the checklist items?

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@Brian Smith Yes, the second item referred to checklist items.


OK, will add a request at the user voice.  Request and scenarios added -- https://planner.uservoice.com/forums/330525-microsoft-planner-feedback-forum/suggestions/40302193-ad...