Power Automate/PowerBI and Planner

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The most powerful thing I can do with  Planner is aggregate its data with PowerBI. The ability to visualize, consume, understand, and map out programmatic process is truly invaluable. 


Two questions:


  1. Is the limit to retrieve 400 tasks in the Power Automate Planner Connector still a limitation?
    • How are these retrieve lets say if we have 600, and ordered how? 
    • How can we get those numbered from 401-600? Let's say if we are dumping this data into a database or excel file for PowerBI consumption. 
  2. Is  there going to be a direct connection to PowerBI via Planner as a "data  source"? I know there are commercial stuff out there, but in some environments, we can't get commercial software. This is why the excel file as the solution for the holding data. 
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Connecting Planner and PowerBI would be HUGE! Any chance we can see that coming?