Planner Task w/ Automate/Flow that links to an e-mail

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I have a Flow that creates a Planner task (in a specified bucket) for any Outlook e-mail that I Flag for follow-up. Is it possible to include on the Planner Task:

  • a link to the e-mail (or attach a pdf of the email); and/or
  •  attach any e-mail attachments to the Planner Task
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Hi @CSS-BIA, I'm taking a look at this - but a a couple of pointers, firstly you would need to specify in the first step, advanced options,  that you want to include attachments, then the thing you'd need to update in Planner (after the task gets created) are the task details.  I'm not sure if all the properties you need are available from the initial step but looks like the internet message id and the attachment id might help - but I'm more familiar with the Planner side of things than the Outlook items.

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