Planner Task Dependencies and Task Ordering

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The ability to get task dependencies on other tasks within the same plan and/or potentially other plans

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Are there particular types of dependencies that you're looking for? specific relationships? Or are you just looking to understand that two tasks are associated with one another?
Ideally, we would go with all the types of dependencies there can be (e.g. start to start, start to finish, finish to start, etc.) but I think to get started integrating the most common dependencies there is (finish to start) would be good to get us going with dependencies as well as the ability to show that in a gantt chart view

I fully support your request @Juan Gonzalez 



@Monika Dragulski I'd love to see some basic finish -> start show basics.  I know if I want full robustness, I should be using Project, but many lightweight projects need some basic dependency tracking.

I would like dependencies between cards (and it possible pushes of dates and adjustments are made the primary card. It would also be nice to have an ID Field for each card (perhaps associated with bucket like D1 for Design1) but have the dependencies would be a great step in the right direction. I know Miro allows you to do that but would like to stay within Planner.
An extremely easy work around for this would to simply allow for text formatting in Planner cards: one could simply link cards by pasting in the URL from the the existing "copy link to task" functionality. This would have the added benefit of, you know, actually making planner marginally useful. The inability to format text (or edit comments) renders is extremely basic. Swathes of my organization still use Trello for precisely this reason.