Planner tabs in Microsoft Teams disappear

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Thank you for this Planner AMA event.
I am testing Planner inside Microsoft Teams desktop app because I want to show it tomorrow in my company. Suprisingly I have discovered that the tabs Charts and Scheduled have disappeared!

I attached you one screen capture.

I have also tested in web browser and it doesn't appear.

I am sure that Microsoft Teams has this funcionality previously.

Is this behaviour normal? 


Thanks in advance

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Hi @Enrique Sanchez - thank you for reporting this is actively being investigated. 

@Enrique Sanchez 

"I have also tested in web browser and it doesn't appear."


Can you post a screenshot of this please?


Of course.

I attached two screenshots: Edge browser & Chrome browser

Thanks @Enrique Sanchez -  the team will have a fix out for this soon.

Workaround in the meantime: Click the globe icon ("Go to website") in the top right to open your plan in Planner outside of Teams. You can then select the charts and schedule views.

Thank you @Luke-PlannerPM ,

however the workaround is not suitable for me because what I want to show to my coworkers is precisely that you could get all the web functionality inside Teams app.
I am really frustrated about the refresh time between Outlook and Planner integration (it must be online), so I use to say that the solution is using Planner scheduling tab inside Team and forget this integration. Now, I have lost my argument.