Planner tab in private Teams channel

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I cannot find more details, other than you can't do this.

Can you comment on why and if there is something planned to allow Planner tabs in private channels in Teams?

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This is definitely something we've heard and definitely want to support in the future. Unfortunately, I can't give a timeline yet-- thanks for the feedback! @Rob Condon 

Hello. Any update on this functionality? As Planner is becoming more popular amongst employees, we face huge problem that people have started to create team of one or two persons to have a private planner. This can be resolved with Private channels, but Planner needs to support it first.
Hello. The Planner feature is very much needed in Teams private channels. Employees of the firm want to have Planner in their private channels. This will reduce the number of teams created by Teams. It's very common for employees to create Teams to get Planner functionality. Many really want Microsoft to add Planner to private Teams channels as soon as possible.