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Hi team,

I am Konstantina Service Owner for Planner at Siemens AG.  Is it planned to offer nested / child sub tasks in Planner? The ability to drag and drop a task under another for creating a sub task would be highly welcomed.  Thank you for your support and feedback.


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Hi @Holly1,

Thank you for advising and reminding me about Project,

I did check Project Online a long time ago; it had the classic Microsoft UI and a high license fee.

I didn't know about Project for the Web; it has a better UI, is much more similar to the Planner Interface, and has a lower licence fee.

I'm waiting for the support and sales team to confirm other features before upgrading.

@Holly1to me, it's not a matter of sub-tasks but, sub-buckets (bucket children) so it can be laid out in WBS form. For example: Bucket = Preconstruction

                                            Sub-bucket = Design

                                            Sub-bucket = Procurement


Under each sub-bucket should be the individual tasks for that sub-bucket. If additional sub-buckets are needed it would look like this:


Bucket = Preconstruction

       Sub-bucket Level 1= Design

              Sub-bucket Level 2 = Mechanical

              Sub-bucket Level 2 = Electrical


This is what I would like to see. The reason is it becomes difficult to find something in particular if it's all jumbled up under 1 bucket.

@cindyhammack tasks, subtasks, buckets - these are all how we view and organize a group of discrete actions that need to happen. Each of those discrete actions should have the ability to have a due date, assigned person, etc etc. Whatever level we might group them for management, the underlying item should have all the same features. I too am surprised that none of the Microsoft task management apps have this structure, except maybe project, which is overkill for me. I love office, but finally gave up and went to a different to-do product that does exactly what I suggested - unlimited tasks/subtasks, each of which can have a due date, be assigned, etc, and they can all be moved around from project to project with drag and drop. If planner or to-do had this simple feature, I'd be back in a split second for the integration with every other productivity tool I use...this is a huge miss on Microsoft's part, can't believe it's been years and not addressed. 

No - That doesn't help. We need this feature in the planner.

HI @Holly1, and whoever is following up on this topic, 3 years and counting.

It would be easier if MS Planner and MS Project were merged, and MS Planner became the "free" plan option of MS Project and eliminated all these confusions and feature requests.

Optimistic about when MS will acquire one of the top players or improve its task management platform because being in the same ecosystem is essential if it is rapidly evolving and keeping pace. Meanwhile, plenty of feature-rich, more productive, better user-friendly and affordable alternatives exist until MS keeps up with the market.

Any update? we badly need this :(
I don't want to switch to trello or other tolls
Fully agree.
How is it possible that they cannot implement such a simple feature?
Would also like to see more sophistication around alerts on comments. Limiting audience, etc. Ultimately, would like possibility of integration with a ticketing system.
So, Microsoft is now the US Navy's personal productivity software owner. We get M365 but we don't have Project available to us - yet; it's coming though! Project is a beast, and we don't need such a complex software when Planner is almost capable. But Microsoft's official answers to the short comings of Planner are "Try Project"! I work at a Naval Shipyard where we do things like repair combatant ships routinely and repetitively. Yet Microsoft did not provide us with a tool that enables us to be successful. God, I think back to a young Bill Gates who championed how personal computers were going to make our lives so much easier and we'll be more productive.

This feature is still not implemented 3 years later.
Please continue to vote for this feature in:

This feature is currently the second most requested Feature for Planner. 
What are you doing microsoft ? Time to step up and prove that you care about us. 


@DanielGirardBolduc  I agree. Come on with this simple add on.

Hello, I come form Trello, and they implemented nesting subtasks AND parent tasks in a power-up. I want to stay "in-house" for our projects but man this is frustrating ...
@Holly1. - any developments regarding the task-subtasks feature? can Microsoft provide an ETF for that?

Yes.  Also the subtasks should:


1) Include a field to indicate if a sub-task is a blocker (should prevent the parent task from being marked "completed" until the sub-task is marked "completed").

2) Offer option to create sub-task from a parent task, inheriting the label definitions and selections from the parent task.  These should be editable afterward.