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Hi team,

I am Konstantina Service Owner for Planner at Siemens AG.  Is it planned to offer nested / child sub tasks in Planner? The ability to drag and drop a task under another for creating a sub task would be highly welcomed.  Thank you for your support and feedback.


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@Konstantina Antoniadou 


Thank you for your input! I assume you are familiar with our checklist items, which can be used to create nested work items under a single task.


If I'm understanding correctly, your question seems almost more about creating links between full tasks (not just adding sub-items to a single task). Unfortunately, we don't have a great way to do that today. However, it is something we hear from users quite a bit, so it is something we hope to look into at some point! Something we use to prioritize is UserVoice. There is already an item in UserVoice related to this (and there may be others that aren't just about dependencies): I'd recommend using this site to add your voices and votes to this feature!


If you have specific thoughts on this particular feature, we read through the UserVoice comments when we design and implement any new feature, so any thoughts you put there will be considered as we design this feature.


Let me know if you have any more questions or concerns about this! Thank you again for your input.

Hi! we definitely hear the feedback about supporting sub-task in Planner and how important it is to the business process. It's one of the top asks from our users so we hope to get the feature soon. We don't have a timeline to share yet, but as soon as we do, we'll update everyone in our public communication channels.

@Konstantina Antoniadou I totally agree. Having sub-tasks to be assigned to other people would be a great option. It's like having miniprojects within a larger project. Actually I found this forum looking for info about how to do this

@guillermolangle @Konstantina Antoniadou 

Agreed that sub-tasks are a major need. Checklists are somewhat helpful, but they don't include enough information and they cannot be assigned to an individual user like a subtask needs to be. 

We really need these subtasks functionality 


Let's try using the attachment function.
Try to add your subtask link as an attachment.

It seems better than a checklist (in my opinion).
I completely agree with this and am surprised that it hasn't been developed yet after supposedly it is one of the highest requests out there. We really, really need the ability to apply tasks to multiple users in the checklist.

@Holly1  - The nested task option is great but it doesn't allow you to assign them to a person. Also creating individual cards for those tasks doesn't allow one to track progress towards the greater task at hand. Some form of linkage or hierarchical structure would make this much more usable.

@Si Meng It has been a year and a half since this thread started and the requested feature still isn't available.  Any updates?  For my business needs, not having this functionality really impedes my ability to use Planner without significant work-arounds.

@Konstantina Antoniadou I think another solution, at least for what we need, is another header above Bucket or a way to add a label to the Bucket name.  This is essentially the tree we need:

Header 1

   Bucket 1

       Task 1 

       Task 2

   Bucket 2

       Task 1

       Task 2

Header 2

    Bucket 1

       Task 1

Etc...  The specific Checklist items would still be needed per task.  Any way to do this?

@Si Meng More than 18 months have and still no plan/estimate/forecast when the functionality will be available... Main delta needed in addition to the current implementation (check lists): besides the feature of assigning subtasks to distinct people imo assigning distinct start times and deadlines to the various subtasks is a fundamental feature. The ability to relate/group subtasks (and perhaps tasks) to each other (dependency graphs, e.g., precondition) is another feature that can help tremendously.

We really need the ability to add tasks as sub tasks in Planner!

Please vote this up:
100% need sub-tasks to take this app out of the home-project scope and into a legitimate pro app. At least one level if not more. (really there shouldn't even be a cap on nested layers of tasks but hey I'll settle for one).


I absolutely agree with you that sub-task is a must-item.
I hope this will be implemented soon.

I am a relatively new Planner user and I spent some time trying to figure out how to create sub-tasks until I landed on this thread. It could really be a useful feature.

@Holly1 Having just come to Planner after several years of using Jira, I would say that individually-assignable sub-tasks is a basic requirement and absolutely essential. I note this conversation started two years ago. Is there an ETA for delivery? Many thanks

Sub tasks to create work packages is a basic tasking requirement. As, generally tasks really start as deliverables then breakdown into S.M.A.R.T tasks. 

@Holly1 any updates on subtasks? It's been 2 years, and all existing task management apps already have a sophisticated ticket structure and abilities, such as subtasks, custom fields, ticket templates, and more.

The UserVoice URL is not working.

@Jirayr -- if you haven't yet, have you looked into Project for the Web ( It's effectively our "richer" version of Planner, and it does have sub-task capabilities. Hope that it works for your needs!