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Are there plans to integrate Planner with other Microsoft products?  I know there is some limited functionality with Project.  What about Dynamics Business Central?

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@bx2ll Hello, and thank you for your question!


Yes, we are actively working on integrating Planner with other Microsoft products and services. We partner with To Do, Teams, SharePoint, etc. We're also working on building new integrations, such as with Office Docs and Fluid. Our goal is definitely that Planner should be "better together" with all your other Microsoft products and services.


I'm not personally familiar with Dynamics Business Central--can you tell me more about your particular use case?

@Holly1 Thank you.  Much like Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation and Microsoft Project, Dynamics Business Central provides the ability to manage and track projects.  It would be helpful if a Project or their Tasks could relate to a Planner Plan.  Business Central is an SMB product.  


While Business Central would handle the overall project financials and schedule, I could see Planner as being useful to manage the individual tasks and activities that need to be assigned to various users.  

@bx2ll Thank you for the feedback! Our sister team, Project, has been partnering with Dynamics. I passed this feedback along to the product manager for that integration to see if we need to think about Planner + Dynamics integrations as well!

@Holly1 Hi Holly, Any update on an integration between Tasks by Planner and Business Central? Thanks