Planner integration with Outlook web (via To-Do)

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When can we expect to see Planner's 'Assigned To Me' list in To-Do visible in Outlook web? As of right now, the Assigned to Me list can't be seen, so My Day is always appears empty when I view it within Outlook, but is correctly populated in the To-Do app. This makes using the integration in Outlook (where I spend much of my work time) useless :(

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@jemo78 Hello, and thank you for your question!


I completely understand how this would be frustrating--our current integration with To Do is not fully complete yet, and that means there is some functionality missing that we all agree is necessary for the integration to be truly effective. We are actively working with the To Do team to complete this integration. As you can likely imagine, the To Do team has had their hands full migrating from Wunderlist to To Do. However, finishing this integration is high on both our priority lists, so we are currently working on it as we speak.


In the meantime, you may know this already, but you can see your Planner tasks in the context of Outlook Web App. If you click on the ... in the bottom left (where you pivot between your calendar, mail, etc. views), "To Do" is one of those options. In this view, you can see your Planner Assigned to Me list. I know this isn't great for being fully in context (given it opens the full To Do client), but hopefully this helps quickly move between these two lists! 

Thanks @Holly1 , and glad to hear that your teams realize it's a pain point & priority. Any timelines you can share for this one?

@jemo78 Unfortunately no specific timelines, but I can tell you we are actively working on it! (I personally had a meeting about it this morning actually!). 

Thanks @Holly1. Hope it was a productive meeting! 👍🏾

Is there any update on this issue, I'm still facing the same difficulties.