Planner GCC - Timing of Notification and Email Functionality

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Is there a definitive date for when Activity Feed, Individual Notifications and Task Assignment Notification/Reminders will be enabled in Planner GCC? When will Planner integrate with Outlook Calendar?

Thank you!

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Hi - we're actively working on bringing task notification and due date email notifications to GCC, but we don't have a specific date to share about this yet. As soon as we have an update, we'll inform everyone through our public communication channels.


@Holly1 to answer the Outlook Calendar question.

@KOHare Sorry for not being able to answer during the AMA! I did still want to follow-up and make sure your question got answered.


What type of integration with Outlook calendar are you looking for? We do currently provide a way to see your Planner calendar in Outlook:


If you're looking for integrations more like what To Do offers for tasks today (e.g., drag tasks onto your calendar to block off time) -- we're working on that!

Thank you for the follow-up, Holly. I am interested in seeing Assigned Tasks on my Outlook calendar so that I can incorporate the reminder functions. Not having reminders, or past due notifications in the GCC Planner is creating challenges. I am working with our IT department on creating an automated flow that may address this since it doesn't sound like Microsoft has committed to a date for enabling notifications and reminders in the GCC environment for Planner.

@Holly1 I do not see the option to Add plan to Outlook calendar, is this definitely available in the GCC version?


@KOHare -- Apologies for the delay here! This is not an area I work in regularly, so was trying to track down the answer for you.


You are correct that this is not currently available in GCC. I believe there are unfortunately restrictions in the GCC environment that will prevent our current implementation from working there. Nevertheless, finding another way to enable this functionality is on the backlog, and I've passed your feedback on to the person tracking this feedback.


Sorry I don't have a better answer for you, but thank you for the feedback and for continuing to use Planner!

@Holly1 thank you for your extra effort to rundown an answer and for keeping this much needed functionality on the radar.