Planner enhancements roadmap?

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Hi, do you have any plan for Planner enhancements? In my team we use Planner but we are missing some more complex task management features, like the possibility to add several projects with subtasks, and the ability to see the summary of these projects in a kanban or in a timeline view, a more detailed calendar view and some reports like the workload for single team member, to understand how much our resources in the team are utilized. Do you have any plan for any of these features? Thank you

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@Grazia_Napoli Hello! We are always adding new experiences and improvements to Planner. Some of the capabilities you're asking for are available in Project for the web, which our team has developed. You can learn more about it here -


You can look here for bigger roadmap updates and enahncements:

You can also vote and check out the status of some of the items we're working on at