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1. When copying tasks from between Teams, you lose all attachments.  The copy function is huge! But without the attachments it is severely limiting.


2. We need the ability to move entire buckets, not just individual tasks/cards. 

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Hi! Thank you for your question. 


I understand the frustration of losing attachments when you copy. I'd love to understand more about your scenario. Do you normally have links in your attachments, or do you normally upload attachments and store them in the Team site? The reason uploaded attachments can't copy over is that they live in the Team site, so people in the new plan won't necessarily have access unless you move the file as well. 


Moving entire buckets is feedback we have gotten from other users as well! We have this on our backlog to investigate. Are you looking to move buckets within plans, or across plans?



The attachments when I copy across teams makes conceptual sense in terms of the technical problem.  I may need to rethink the linking vs. attachments, but I think I will run into a sharing issue.  I will explore more.


Moving Buckets - My team uses multiple planners because the number of tasks grows exponentially large and we work in functional groups.  For example we have a Sprint Planner, and Ops Planner, a Applications Planner, and a Data Planner.  All have very different tasks and details and everyone on the team works only in the Plans that are relevant to them.


One use case, would be that on our Sprint Planner, we move cards left to right until they are complete.  Eventually that "Complete" bucket can grow to 100,200, 300 tasks if we don't move those off of the Planner Board.  This destroys the Report view as one bar is exponentially larger.


I would like to be able to move the entire "Complete" Bucket to a different Annual Planner. I would move the entire bucket, change the title to Q2 Sprint 3, and that would clean up My Current Sprint, without losing the history from the previous Sprint.

The alternative is to create a new Sprint Board for each sprint.  However that would mean we would have 16 Sprint Planners for a single year.  32 for two years.  With no way to archive.


We are also trying to get some traction on another post requesting the ability to copy entire buckets, if you want to comment on that post too. The more we post the higher priority it becomes for Microsoft:

@Holly1 so have microsoft figured out how to do this simple yet asked for task yet?  If you want you can pay me a one time fee of 300k and I will rewrite the code to do it for you.  


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