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Hi there,


Are there any plans to increase the number and types of reports available with Planner?


Specifically, I'm wondering about planner completion reports -- to be able to mine data like how many tasks were completed on time?  If not, then how far delayed were they?  Delays by bucket?


I'm thinking about use cases about wanting to improve agile processing; and tracking velocity of a well as capturing basic lessons mining task info.





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Hi Arin! Thanks so much for your question. We do not have any plans to add additional reporting at this time, however we do have an export to excel feature in the Planner web app ( This allows you to export all of your plan data to excel at which point you can leverage the power of Excel's charts features to build the custom reports you need. Here's a link to a blog post about that:
Even when you export to Excel, though, it doesn't have the "history" of task changes, though, so difficult to mine the type of data that I'm looking for.

@Arin Komins Hi Arin,


Thank you for the feedback! I'm actually personally currently investigating some scenarios around tracking and storing a task history for Planner. I'd love to get a full list of the scenarios you're trying to support, if you wouldn't mind enumerating them? This will be great input into our design process.



@Holly1  - Absolutely.


  1. Operationally, during the project, I want to track task history, so I can see if I've got people problems or task estimation problems.  If I can see that tasks assigned to a specific person tend to fall behind, or tasks within a certain bucket, then I can address those with the people involved right away, and potentially not lose as much time, as either our estimations are incorrect, or we're having a resource problem.
  2. From a lessons learned perspective (both on a periodic basis, and at project completion), I'd like to be able to run some basic reporting around history -- so we can see planned effort vs. actual effort -- so we can take action for the next phase or the next project in the sequence.
  3. From an agile perspective, I'd like to track team velocity.  If we were planning for 5 sprints -- I'd like the ability to see...are we getting better by sprint?

Happy to chat more on this, if needed.  Right now, I've been using powerautomate to save basic completion to a sharepoint list behind the scenes, so I can mine data, but the triggers are few.  I'd like to not have to do this, but have basic stuff in the planner app itself.

Hi Arin -
I came across this post this afternoon - I see that it is a couple of years old but if you are still looking for a solution we can help with this at minware. We are currently doing these types of calculations for Jira and it would just be a matter of connecting to Msft Planner to provide reports.

I'm not able to post screenshots / images but please let me know if this is something you are still trying to solve for, we would love to help!
Hi Dan,

This time i came across with this answer! I am in need of this kind of assistance. Of course, if you are still willing to help! I need to elaborate this type of report from Microsoft Planner. Let me know if there is anyway you could help me.
Hi Sebastian,

did you find a way to customize the progress status? thanks