Planner Calendar and Office 365 Group Calendar

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Is there a reason why there is 2 separate calendars; one for Planner and the calendar that comes with the Office 365 Group.  Is there a plan to combine them or an integrator? TIA

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The calendars are really for different purposes @Deleted - the schedule view in Planner is just for those plan tasks and you may have multiple plans per group.  Are you thinking that all tasks from all plans in the Group should show up in the Group calendar?  We'd be interested in hearing more about the scenario.

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Hi @Brian Smith We use planner  to help with small internal departmental projects, that fall outside of full sized projects, and it would be good to be able to at least add the various task to the group calendar so the rest of the team can see whats coming up. 


Could an option in the Task view to and a button to add to team calendar?

Thanks @Deleted and that scenario certainly makes sense at a task by task level.  Good feedback!