Planner App for Desktop


Can we get a standalone Planner App for Desktop?

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Hey Juan! So we paused work on a desktop app as other high priority user asks came up and users started using Planner in Teams more often. BUT if you haven't already, please for on this suggestion on our UserVoice site so that we can get this prioritized in the future! Here's the link:

@Juan Gonzalez that would be nice. I bought the apps4pro planner manager to give me the illusion of control at least. It's a good app, would be nice if MS had their own.

@Juan Gonzalezout of curiosity, what features would you want to see from a Desktop app? 


The reason I ask is that I rarely see the advantage of this approach. For example, I use the Desktop app for To-Do and it's pretty much on-par with the web-app.  What would/should a desktop app of Planner do that the browser version cannot?

I would like to see feature parity between the desktop app and the web app.

The reason is the same as to why webapps were never popular on phone in the first place. It is a case of ease of use. People want to see that they have access to an application and would like to see it on their task bar, rather than buried on a browser where you may have many windows or tabs open. If there is an app for To-Do, there should be one for Planner.

Also, would like to see the ability to pin those app permanently on the side of my window in Windows. That would be a game changer