Planner and Project integration

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Thank you very much for this AMA event.


I'm using Planner for managing small team in our organization for more then 1 year. 

I really love UI and filtering/view options in Planner, it's honestly main reason why I'm using it and I think that Microsoft did the best job there! But lack of deeper integrations with other tools like outlook (addin please) or Project (why Project for web is not an additional layer of planner) really astonish me.  

I would like to ask why there is no integration between new Project for the web and Planner. If I get it correctly, same team is working on both. 

Now I can create a nice timeline and tasks in Project and manually create same tasks in Planner. Why? It does not really make a sense. Both products are basically the same.


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@fialkarud thank you for your feedback. This is an area we're actively exploring. Can you share more on what type of integration would be most useful between Planner and Project? You also mentioned Outlook, I'd love to get your thoughts on the type of integration between Outlook and Planner that would be most useful.

@Anav Silverman thank you for opportunity to provide clarification and better feedback. I will gladly do it :)


1.) Planner and Project. I think that Project for Web is really nice tool with same great usability as Planner. A same team is developing it but both product are completely separated. Both have almost same kanban like board and both have different features which are missing in the other tool. 
So why not just make Project for web as additional layer or tier for Planner. Just let your customer pay more for additional functionalities like Gantt charts and grid view but please let us post cards from Project to existing Plans. Hope it's more clear now, it's also one of the top requested feature.

2.) Outlook. Well I think that ability to create a task from email via outlook addin would be great. almost all your main competitors have such addin (Trello, Jira and so on.).

@fialkarud - thank you for the additional details, great feedback. 

1) We're looking in to ways to have more integration between Planner and Project and it's in our backlog. Thanks for the detailed feedback on this.

2) Good feedback regarding Outlook and Planner. There is a way to track email as tasks in Planner today using Power Automate. You can check out this Ignite video for more information on how to do this. Also here is a blog post for how to get started.

@fialkarud Thanks for starting this thread.


Can I just confirm: There is no way of getting my tasks in Project 1 to flow into our Planners (which then flow into our To Do)? 


I am with other comments in this thread that Project and Planner seem to overlap, and it is strange that there isn't an integration. I hope Microsoft add this.