Planner and Outlook Spaces


Can you comment on what the plan is for integrating Planner with Outlook Spaces. 


In many cases it seems that Spaces will duplicate some of planner's functions.  

Potentially this creates yet another Microsoft technology that does the same thing, and yet another place to track things and leads to user confusion.


How do you envision that Planner will work with Outlook spaces?


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@Luis Rodrigues As you may have noticed, Outlook Spaces is well-integrated with To Do tasks already (since To do powers Outlook task management). To do is one of our closest partners, and we're constantly working on better integrations between To do and Planner. As you may know, tasks assigned to you from Planner will show up in your To do app. As we continue to add additional integrations between To do and Planner, this will benefit all the places that use To do as well (including Moca).