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My questions are about Planner and eDiscovery.  Is planner data currently "eDiscoverable"?


If not, is that on the roadmap?


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Hi Richard,

Planner data is currently not available in eDiscovery, but yes supporting eDiscovery is an item in our team's backlog and we're actively working to make sure Planner tasks are discoverable via eDiscovery in the near future. Our initial plans will be to start by ensuring tasks assigned to users are eDiscoverable and to expand further from there. I'll share an update once we are closer to enabling the feature for customers.

Thanks for your question and feedback!

@chtran Where does this stand? I want to roll out Planner to ALL my users but my legal team is opposed to this - until I can check the box that Planner plans "are e-discoverable" with the tools!