Outlook Emails into Planner

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Hi, Love Planner but when are we going to be able to send outlook emails to Planner complete with attachments?

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Thanks for the question! Could you help us understand your ask here? Do you mean to be able to add an email as attachment in the task? Thanks!
Sort of, I get a lot of emails from colleagues where I would like to be able to send it straight to Plnner to create a card in a particular plan.
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He's most likely trying to achieve what we are also looking to achieve. Simply using Planner as a support system (like Jira) for our organization. It has the potential but it’s missing many key features for it to work on par with any similar solutions.
So right now you have to either manually create the task and manually add the images/attachments (loosing all html), or you have to create a flow that creates the task without html and attachments. But in either scenario you loose a lot of information or have to do a lot of manual labor.

@Si Meng 

Me too, I'd like to be able to email (with attachments) into MS Teams (Team>channel) that automatically create a task with the email body text into the Notes field, and all attachments included in the task.

Thanks for the context. Today a user can convert an email to a To Do item, but i assume that this doesn't satisfy your need because you need to 1) have the task to be in a plan so that your members can access that too? 2) you need to be able to open the attachment to see the full email history? Please share anything incorrect or missing in your scenario, thanks!

@Si Meng You are correct. This can be achieved in Trello but not in Planner which is desperately needed.

@Si Meng 100% correct in your assumptions!
Feedback well received. Thank you.
I also want to encourage you to the UserVoice to vote for this - We continue to listen to user voices for feature planning. Thanks again for the context you provided.

@Si Meng Does this mean you cannot say if you are doing it or not? I have checked all the links and noticed that this was first asked for 4 years ago so I gather it will not be implemented which means we will have to go to Trello.

I understand that might give you the impression that this will not be done. Apologies for this. We are aware of the need, the current implementation between Outlook and To Do is a step toward the direction (which i understand doesn't solve the problem in your case), and we'll plan the feature for Planner as well. Thanks for the context!

@Si Meng Thanks for the response, much appreciated. I’ll raise it again over the coming years and hope I get it before I retire (5 years to go) but not holding out much hope.

More than one year of this discussion is passed and this useful function and necessary to use Planner is not implemented. In this way Planner is Unuseful. I have a lot of customer thet want use Planner but don't use cause of this. Is more important this function that personal to do but i dont Understand why Microsoft don't implement. All my customer now use trello, Tweppy and more so i can't give solution in Microsoft 365.

incredible how this has not been yet worked out..