Office 365 roadmap - Planner doesn't appear there - will that change?


We are told to follow the Office 365 roadmap and that works for many other products like Teams. 
It does not work for Planner, because Planner features generally don't appear in the Office Roadmap.


Is there something else that companies intending to use Planner should follow? 

Is there some reasons that the Planner team can't post features to the roadmap like other product teams do?

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@Luis Rodrigues - thank you for your note! We're planning to update Planner in Office 365 roadmap soon, so you'll be able to get updates from that location.

@Anav Silverman  HOW SOON IS SOON?

The frustration is that "coming soon" seems to be the frequent response that the planner team has posted over at Uservoice.  "Coming in November"  (of last year).   "Making it's way up our backlog".  "Soon" etc. 

And none of that comes to pass.  How are we to believe that SOON will actually be SOON as defined by clients (which to me is days/weeks), and not "soon" as defined by the Planner team, which could be years?

[Yes, that's the tone of frustration]

Patience is everything. It will be soon, or will not be. As many implementations around Office 365/Azure solutions. I always answer my clients: maybe it will be someday in GA if enough clients will vote for it. There is 'user voice' voting and The Corp working on if (eventually). Soon as days/weeks for me not exist. And I almost never look in this time-line. Again, something which maybe is important to you, or your company could bo not very important for others, then implementation maybe doesn't make sense. 


However, I see six implementations around planner in Office 365 Roadmap. And Office 365/Planner Teams are not the worst with publishing info about features...

@KoprowskiT I agree with you, and am generally patient, but I struggle being so

  • when the Planner team comments on uservoice can be paraphrased as
    "we're going to do that soon .. unless we don't"   
  • When there's just radio silence, which happens more often than not on Uservoice, and in the absence of entries in the roadmap.

We can't plan based on this.  So we use Trello rather than Planner, and Asana rather than Planner. 

Microsoft needs to make good on Planner and to fix the simple things quickly, or they need to KILL planner dead.  Permanently.  Great idea, poor execution.  It should not take 3 years to fix something like the ability to edit/delete comments.  The fact that this is so indicates that the (historically at least) the planner team has been oblivious to some of it's clients needs.   

Maybe the team doing the AMA has great intentions.  I'll be patient again when I see the follow-through.

Agree - that we still have Trello and Asana plugging into Office 365. Sadly for MSFT, but if they don't want to use it on the PRO level... Well, we cannot break this glass. It should be more and more awesome from ages, but... Sometimes I still cannot believe that we have is up and running. Or maybe there is no plan to replace most of the functions from Project by Planner.