Multiple Project Management from MS Project to Planner to Tasks

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I work in a matrix organization where I (and my team of 3) have projects across teams of every function in the org. In short, everything is siloed at the project and team management level.


For example: We have the following planners that at least one member of my team is a part of. These occur within 6 different MS Teams

* Team Data & Applications Sprint Board (1 planner)

* Data Viz board (1 planner)

* CRM implementation (1 planner)

* HRMS conversion (3 planners)

* School Operations Board (1 planner)

* IT Steering Board

*Ed Committee Board


In addition, the CRM implementation & HRMS conversion have a full blown project plan in MS project.



1. How can we manage all of the tasks across all of the projects for my team.  A team member could have 45 tasks across these boards.  To even have a weekly discussion, we need to switch between every single board to cover what is going on. This also makes resource management nearly impossible.


2. Given that there are full blown project plans and no easy integration from Microsoft Project Online (I think that's the version as there are 3 different versions and I can never keep the names straight). So if there is a project plan and I have a team member with 10 tasks from that project there is no easy way to integrate two way sync between Project and the team Planner. This forces that team member to work in both Project and Planner. This becomes exponentially challenging if my team has multiple projects in a single planner.


How does a team function  between the siloes.  A full project plan necessarily has tasks which should make their way onto the team Planner.  Even with Tasks for Teams, it only gives me my ToDo tasks and Planner tasks.  I have no way of capturing my other assigned tasks from projects in MS Project.




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@Kanderson82 Thank you for providing so much detail, this is awesome. 


The honest answer is that there isn't a perfect way to work TODAY for the scenario you're describing, but task coherence across M365 (Project, Planner, tasks) is something we care about solving and helping managers better understand work happening across their whole team is a wider problem I've personally been thinking about recently. 


In the near term, I recommend seeing if your team can be suited any better by using Project for the web & Roadmap (a feature within Project for the web) to track multiple projects at once. We JUST launched Teams support for Project for the web & roadmap, so you'll be able to use them in channels. One BIG limitation you'll notice is that we don't yet support tasks from Project for the web into Teams tasks. 


I'd LOVE to continue to hear your feedback here though on anything you try out. Please feel free to tag me on any future updates or ideas you try. This is a big problem space we know we need to make traction on from a few different angles. We want to get there as quickly as possible and we're figuring out how to navigate a few big technical hurdles to get there. 

@CathyHarley  I have considered that, but there is a challenge.  The project Board view, which looks an awful lot like planner, doesn't include all of the functions that Planner has.  Labels, Checklists, Attachments, Comments.  The list goes on.  


If I could take Planner and drop it directly into the Project Board view.  That would be a step in the right direction.  It wouldn't solve my bigger problem but would at least allow me to manage a project in one place.

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@Kanderson82 great feedback. All features we want to add to Project for the web as well. Would love to keep hearing your feedback on it as the product grows over time.