Multiple plans/multiple tabs

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This is an old question but we are still dealing with this issue.    - It’s possible to create multiple plans related to the same “Microsoft Teams” by creating multiple tabs. We have access to this plan on the web but there is no way to view a “Board/Charts/schedule” that combines all plans of the Teams together so we can have a global view on the Teams tasks.  Any new ideas? @Dylan Snodgrass 

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Hi @Jaime_G, aggregating multiple plans into one view is something we're investigating. Which task details would you like to see in these "uber" boards? How would you like to select which plans are in those muti-views? Soon, you'll be able to  populate project roadmaps with tasks from multiple plans! check it out here: 

@Monika Dragulski one thing that should be done is provide the ability to group/display plans by Team, e.g., if a Team has many plans, the Planner app should have a screen that shows the charts for all of them, just like it does for Favorite Plans, but if I have 5 Teams and each one has several plans, I need to be able to focus on the task from the plans associated with each individual Team.


Does this make sense?