@Mentioning in planner comments



will this be implemented , if so when?



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Hi @chtran! Is there any updates about this feature? It's been 3 years since this topic and still nothing about it. 



COMMON GUYS ! :facepalm:

3 years later and no sign of a user mention like in ANY DESCENT collaboration tool.


MICROSOFT : why don't say that you want all of us switch to JIRA/TRELLO ??!!









Any updates on this? Thanks!
Any danger at all that this might actually be coming? 3 years is a long time. This tool isn't much use, but it could be...
Still no update, I'M SO GLAD that we're using KanBo instead of Planner. But our customers want to use planner but are unhappy with the functionalities...

Come on Microsoft, whats going on?!

I'm so agree with @adelinat 

we really badly need @ taguing optiona and moreover as a company manager, see all tasks (for all personnel) within the organization.

Please MS team do it for your users!

Find myself asking Google how to @mention someone in Planner Comments...

Red flag!

All the potential of this relationship just flew out the window

@adam deltinger 


Soon be able to say 4 years and counting on this! 


No wonder MS Planner is hardly used anywhere! I have tried but keep going back to Trello as simple things like this aren't included. 


Are there any roadmaps for Planner or is it just as is?

@Barijohn there (technically) is a roadmap for Planner ( but it's not reliable.


It's hard to say what the future for Planner is, or if it even has one.  I think it's safe to say it's in maintenance mode after they catch-up on the 3+ year backlog of features that were promised.

Take it for what it is today, not what they promised it would/could be.

Very much needed.

@ microsoft when will this be included!?

+1 asking for this. I've been using planner for many years. This is the #1 feature I saw missing from the first day of using it. And it is the #1 reason why many times the plans I create get unused.

Not being able to mention makes it difficult to communicate and engage with people. And causes you to move to eMail or other tools, therefore breaking the vision of an integrated experience. Adding the person as an assignee is not a solution neither, as everyone see's the assignee as the person who owns the task.

PLEASE, PLEASE, Microsoft, make yourselves a favor and add this simple feature, I'm sure you'll then see the the rise of planner utilization.