@Mentioning in planner comments



will this be implemented , if so when?



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When will the @mention be possible? We will switch back from Planner to Trello if it doesn't happen soon.
I agree, we will move back to Asana, this is just ridiculous.
I agree, without this feature I will switch as well

I would recommend everyone go and upvote the idea on the new Microsoft Feedback Portal.


@adam deltinger 

Just started using planner, I love it except I can't @mention mofo's. Please please add this.

It's crazy how this hasn't been implemented yet, it turns planner from great to unusable in an instant.

You're right, @trevill123.  This is one of the reasons my Executive Director just started a trial of  It sucks that Microsoft gives us software that does 75% of what we need.  And this is a simple fix.  Are you listening, MSFT? :facepalm:

This is a must have feature. We can't use planner just because of this. We're using Trello instead.
please implement this! its causing quite alot of issues.. one of my teams needs to work off outlook because they need to send screenshots and tables frequently.
after @ in planner comments, they should be receiving the email in their inbox.

currently they are missing out on key conversations because assigning them doesn't immediately include them in the email thread until they reply

There is a good chance we move away from Planner because of this. This really makes the product useless.

Yes, @jalexander2110 I think we're finally done with Microsoft.  Don't have time to wait for them to get their act together.  

Hi there, is there an update on this feature? The Teams Planner app is not useful at all between employees if we are unable to directly notify someone on the task. This feature (@) is already available in the Teams chat, but not in the Teams Planner. Can you please advise if this will be available soon? If not, I will need to find a another tool to use.

I can't believe that this wasn't  core feature from the get go. Did MS forget that people like to collaborate on work?

Hi @chtran,

Any updates on this? It's been over 2 years... :)



We are a large enterprise trying to use Planner for managing our projects in Teams and this missing functionality is becoming a deal breaker and pushing us towards other solutions. Any update for the community on when this should be expected would be helpful. 2+ years of this being missing is unacceptable.

@adam deltinger 


I just upvoted this in User Voice shame we are still waiting 


Mentioning/tagging users in comments in Planner cards · Community (

Yes please. I concur with all the comments on this thread.

ironic that the @mentions work on this community platform which presumably Microsoft staff find important
This is an absolute must! Its really annoying that this is still not available. We will soon switch to Trello or Asana if this is not implemented.

@frederikhensel  sadly Microsoft have demonstrated that they could not care less that they have produced a useless product, and they certainly seem far from concerned that we are all going back to Jira and Trello.


My suggestion to everyone is move on from planner...forget it is far too short to wait for MS to fix this!!!

Any update here? This is pretty fundamental functionality for us, and makes Planner a lot less useful. This thread was started in 2019, so what's happening? Are you guys ok? :)