@Mentioning in planner comments



will this be implemented , if so when?



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This feature would really be necessary.
It’s been over 2 years and this is still an issue.. This major feature to improve team engagement in the application. If it’s not coming soon i’ll just move this task to another application..

@chtran Is there any update on this? 2 years from this topic released time.

You will see this feature when MSFT integrates Teams comments for Planner tasks
I'm attempting to use Tasks as an internal helpdesk. Unfortunately, the Comments section in Planner doesn't let me @mention individual staff members, so any comments I put in a task get echoed to the entire team. I don't want to spam all of my employees when this task has to do with this specific user. So, my question is, WHEN will we see the integration of Teams comments for Planner tasks (like Santhosh says, above).
Still no changes? I really enjoy planner, but it still have no main easy functions.. Please add more notification choses, ant @mentioning in comments. More it would be great to have ability to create categories itself. We are believe in you, move on Microsoft...

Hi everyone - thanks for all the feedback - we recognize how essential mentions are when managing tasks and working together with your team and the frustration with how it is not available in Planner yet. The feature remains in our backlog and our team intends to start working on it soon. 


Currently, we're actively working on adding mention capability into our sibling app Project with the ability to add a Teams conversation to a specific task. This will allow you to mention others in the context of a task inside the Teams Project app (as well as all the capabilities supported in Teams conversations, like rich formatting, reactions, and more). You can track this feature via our M365 Roadmap item here:


We intend to bring this same Teams conversation capability to Planner tasks soon after the it's available for users in Project. 

@chtran - how does MS prioritise user requests?  Years later we are still left waiting for basic functionality that causes us ALL to be less efficient with work.  As these apps are meant to be productivity tasks, isn't it encumbant on MS to make them productive?!

These are not advanced things we are asking for here - just things that exist in other MS products and many competitor products.  Worse - for work many of us are "stuck" with what our companies say we can use. 

Having to add myself as "assigned to" in Planner to determine when someone does something with a task (as opposed to 'Watch this issue' I have in JIRA) is a pain.  Inability to @ tag someone (as I do in other MS products) to chase someone up on a task is a pain - so it's back to email... really?! 

It's really not good enough - can we please have some planned dates not "intends to start working on it soon"?  Thank you. 

this link doesn't work anymore...
Any updates? It's taking too long to release "must-have features"

@chtran - Really? This is not the answer I was hoping to hear.  Actually it's the worst possible answer, if Planner users who were looking for Gantt chart functionality are a recent example.  We waited and hoped and prayed and were let down quarter after quarter, and year after year.  Still no Gantt chart in Planner.  Because we're the poor cousin of Project who actually doesn't get the hand-me-downs, but are shut out of the Microsoft family because a new and improved Planner would cannibalize Project's market.  So, no, I don't believe that @mentions are coming to Planner after they get added to Project.  We won't get fooled again. :sad:  Tell me I'm wrong by giving me a date please.

@mentions are a core part of the 365 universe. We need this feature in Planner ASAP.

@chtran, we recently stopped using Planner because without @mentions the workflow integration with MS TEAMS is really broken!  When will the @mentions feature get added to Planner??

Yes really really need this feature!!!

@adam deltinger 

I can't believe this is not there - is is commonplace everywhere!


Hi Charlie, Just to echo all of the other comments here, I really would urge Microsoft to add the '@mentions' user story to the next development sprint, as a matter of urgency.

This functionality really should have been added from day one - it really surprises me with the chorus of complaints from users that its taken 2 years and counting to make this happen.


@chtran Definitely need @mentions in Planner.  It's in Microsoft Lists so surely can't be difficult to add to Planner?

What is the status on this. Without being able to @mention specific users, it renders the whole planner function close to useless. All other task management applications has this ability. We will continue to use Asana until this is resolved.
What is the due date for this?
Definitely a missed feature in our comapny :(