@Mentioning in planner comments



will this be implemented , if so when?



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So when exactly is this happening?

Ticking on towards four years!
When ?

@adam deltinger , upvoting this, it will give flexibility to the workflow and streamline communications.

It is sad, this thread is almost four years old.
So, can we get this feature?
Tacking on as someone who'd like this as well
Checking in once more for an update...
Please add this feature. It's a determining factor for whether our team uses Planner or a non Microsoft alternative.
What's happening, Microsoft?
Update on this feature being added?
Any update?
Can we please get an update on this? This must be one of your most requested features and something that modern tracking systems supports and is critical for good collaboration, status and communication. 4+ years of this in your backlog isn't encouraging.
This would be amazing since there's no way I see to make sure everyone on our Teams/Planners has the same Notifications related to Posting Comments within Planner Tasks. Comments get lost in the abyss of "it's there if you want to go find it"
Does anyone form Microsoft actually read this thread? Clearly this is an in demand requirement but will it ever be delivered? Or is Planner a dead product that you don't intend to develop further? It would be nice to know.
I reported the initial fluff reply from Microsoft to this question as offensive content. Maybe that will get some eyes back on this thread? Hopefully a significant response? -fingers crosed-
+1 looking for some hope here
also hoping for the day this will be implemented

@DRoland@chtran  - I've long lost any hope Microsoft is listening to or watching this thread of their user community voice making repeated pleas to action this.

They at least responded to me on Twitter. It wasn't a direct answer.