@Mentioning in planner comments



will this be implemented , if so when?



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Hi Adam - we definitely see being able to mention others in comments as an important scenario, and it's in our plans to add it in the future. We're continually investigating options to bring this functionality to Planner, please stay tuned to our UserVoice for the latest updates.


Thank you


There's a lot of interest in this feature. Would be great to get an update, and see this going up the list 


@adam deltinger 

The ability to follow cards would already be a good step forward.
The main problem is that if you’re waiting for a task to be completed as a dependency for some other work, you only get notified in very specific scenarios.

@mention is a broad solution, but if there are other ways to more quickly address the follow/notifications rules problem, that would be a great step forward

@chtran Is there any update on this? It would cut out a lot of issues our teams are having with tracking Tasks and collaborating on them. Thought I would check up a year later.

Have the same question and if there are any updates on this? Would be really useful to be able to mentions colleagues to get their attention in a task.

Ditto on the above - is there an update?


Would really be usefull for comments
Definitely must have feature!
Any update? This would be great to have

Still no update? I would very much like to be able to tag people in the comments. Similar to, for example, Asana. 

2 years past. Any progress?
How can 2 years pass and this feature is not pushed yet,
ASANA and Monday both have it, Microsoft - PUSH IT !
Please its Hugh gap without it



Still dont have it?


Cheez, so little functionality and so difficult to MS to promote it!

The launched mentioning in Lists...but didn't managed to fix it for Planner. *sigh*
MS doesn't want Planner to succeed or what?
@mentions should have been a feature from the start. Where is it? Update your uservoice, it looks pretty useless.

Any update? 


@adam deltinger Agreed! This is a bare minimum feature to function as a viable PM tool.