@Mentioning in planner comments



will this be implemented , if so when?



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Wow. I'm amazed such basic functionality doesn't exist. I was going to try to convince our group to change from Trello to Teams but not being able to tag someone in a comment is a complete deal breaker. Is Planner basically a dead product at this point? Such a shame.

@adam deltinger, @chtran nothing happened. Will there be any progress or is it rather worth to switch to alternatives?

@Eric_Schwab It seems that development on Planner (and 'Tasks' in Teams) has been in limbo since 2021. Updates from the team are basically non-existent now. 


The roadmap only has a few items and none of them will do anything to turn this ship around.  IMO, the writing is on the wall.




My prediction is that Planner will be replaced in 2023.  Either by making Project generally available to all M365 licenses, or by an entirely new product.  I hope it's the former :)


thanks for your thoughts.

@adam deltinger This makes me just want to use Trello.  Simple but important tasks should not take 2 years to implement. This is so crazy. 

Any progress? Without proper notifications, this tool becomes completely unusable beyond a few people. Employees presume that all notifications made to a card generate a notification to the task assignee, but this isn't the case, so time is lost and comms break down. This is a huge flaw in the system. Two critical elements that should have been implemented years ago:
1) Subscribe to tasks/cards - people assigned to tasks should be auto-subscribed and have the option to opt-out - in many cases people are included in the teams group but are not active contributors so group email notifications are off as our default
2) ability to @ mention someone - when you need to address a specific individual to bring their attention to a task they are not subscribed to, to get the attention of a specific assignee when it has multiple, or to get the attention of the assignee when they have unsubscribed for general alerts on the task

It's been many years since users have been asking for this. I don't understand why a company like Microsoft who is investing so heavily into their Teams product hasn't resolved this yet.

We need this feature too!

Planner is completely useless without the ability to send messages directly to users.
When will the @-mention function be available?

Hi! Is this coming soon? I event tried to build a solution through PowerAutomate but I can't. Please help me help my team.
Can anyone share a workaround? I'm guessing the first step is to require all stakeholders to turn on all notifications for each plan they are included in?

@mailing555 Our workaround was to abandon Planner completely and use Azure dev ops. :) 

I should also note that you can export all your planner tasks and import them again in Azure Dev ops. It's not a straight forward process, but it can be done with a bit of work. 


We had about 300 items ported.

@MrStaun thanks. We'll look into it.

@mailing555 We gave up and switched to 

Hi is there any update on this feature?

@chtran Any update on this?

Adam, please advise when the @mentioning feature within MS Planner will be available. This is a MUST HAVE feature for teams adapting Planner as their PM tool.   @adam deltinger 

I just have checked and still not done mentioning in Planner!!!!
it is juste creazy for 4 years we are asking for and nothing!!!!!

I cann't even find the associated uservoice about this topic! Just conviced my team not to use Trello... but now I'm not so sure...

@chtran Any updates on this?
three years ago: "we definitely see being able to mention others in comments as an important scenario, and it's in our plans to add it in the future"........
i really LOVE Microsoft's "Support" for user needs...........
Hey @chtran... just checking on the timeline on this? We're moving to MS soon, and this a glaring omission from Planner switching from other tools which all have it?