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Any chances to increase the number of colored labels available ? 6 can be sometime not enough.



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Hey Gerald! We're starting to hear this request more and more. Could you tell me more about how you'd use more labels? Like, how many would you use? Would you want to customize name/color?

Thank you @Joanna Parkhurst 


The idea is to slice activities with a kind of approach as from waterfall approach from Project Management Institute.


In this project management style you have :

9 areas of PM

47 processes allocated to areas


At least 9 labels would be a start to allocate the 9 areas of project cycle in waterfall approach

even the great would be the possibility to connect 47 processes.



@Joanna Parkhurst This would be useful for us as well, but the base issue for us is there isn't a search in a plan. 

Example - I've got a plan with all the announced Office 365 changes :) , and I use the labels to tag them with specific applications. That's because I can't do a generic search - I can only filter. So I use the labels to code what I'm usually going to be searching for. (I'm already using buckets for the general status of the change in our tenant, so I can't use buckets to code for appsOfficePlanner.png

Agree with you @Robin Nilsson 


Not had time to check any possibilities with Flow or Power Apps to retrieve them.




cc:@Joanna Parkhurst

@Robin Nilsson - Hey Robin, so by search you'd like to search by label? Or by task title?

@Joanna Parkhurst  Title and label would be a great improvement, but some of our plan tasks have complex descriptions, not just a title, so search by description would put me over the moon! :) Right now I have to bring up tasks in a browser and search using the browser search.

Gotcha. Currently in the "Filter" menu you can filter down by Keyword - which is very similar to searching by Title, but we haven't expanded the keyword search to include labels or descriptions. I'll share this suggestion with the team - thank you!

Yes, please add the ability to add more labels! 10-20 would be a great start!