Is there an idea to add sprint backlog support, e.g. provide a story point and a priority field?

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Planner is a good tool to replace a paper-based Kanban board, but to enable a SCRUM sprint backlog, fields like story points/effort and priority would be helpful. Any plans on adding this?

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Hi Trutz -- thanks for the feedback.. We don't plan to add default fields for points or effort to Planner. However, we are evaluating support for a limited number of custom fields in the future, which would allow you to add these sorts of fields yourself. As a side note -- Visual Studio Team Services is also a great option if you want deep, out of the box support for Agile and SCRUM processes.

Hi Eray, Thank you for your insights. Looking forward to the custom fields, which would enable a lot more scenarios. Of course an OData Reporting endpoint would be helpful then as well to make use of the information entered and to save you from the trouble of creating views for all kinds of custom field combinations.

With regard to Visual Studio Team Services: We are using this a lot in our larger agile projects, but for smaller topics, Planner would be enough. And Planner is included in the E3/E5 license ;)