Integration between project plan and Planner

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Hi Team,


Please provide guidance on


1) Creation of Project plan and Planner (step by step guide - what needs to be created first)

2) Integration between the two applications

3) Limitations if any

4) Is project plan automatically updated based on tasks completed on planner and vice versa or is it a manual task?

5) Number if Labels in Planner is limited to 6 , is there a way to have additional labels?



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@DBamal very good questions! I don't have specific guidance for you, but I'd love to learn more about what you're looking to do with both Project and Planner together.  


@CathyHarle  We handle multiple projects and work with multiple stakeholders. Recently we worked on project where we created the project plan and then manually created all the tasks in planner. This was a tedious and cumbersome task and a lot of manual intervention was needed. I liked using planner and how it keep everyone tasks in the buckets and reminders etc but I'm looking for a simplified approach.


We have Project professional online and what I'm looking for is step by step guide or a video on creating the project plan and planner for my upcoming projects. I also want to understand what are the current limitation with the planner.. Like how many number of task can be created without creating performance issues. any other limitation I need to consider. In addition how to keep both Project plan and planner in sync