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I know we can export planner, are there any plans to import? This question gets asked a lot in my organization.

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Thanks for your question! We're definitely aware of the ask. What does your organization use to plan today, that you want to import to planner? How's the frequency of the need to import and what's the general number of tasks that you need import?

@Si Meng  We had a request to utilize the import ability from an existing Excel document that a Team had been utilizing to track our Global budget process instead of creating a new plan. Sometimes our users prefer Excel... so the idea is they could build the plan buckets and then export it make their changes and then re-upload. In their mind it is easier than utilizing the tool when they have multiple changes.  

@Si Meng for our org - at least daily.  Planner can be slow and cumbersome when doing things at Enterprise scale - we have thousands of stores, would love to use Planner for work management, but copying/customing plans in the UI every time is unbearable.

@Lauren Hutto Thank you for the description, this is helpful. Currently there isn't a date for this capability, but i want to let you know that we are aware of this ask and will continue to make progress and keep you and our users updated!

Got it. Thanks for providing the details of your case. That's very helpful to hear.
Do you use Excel for the current work planning, where you can change the thousands of stores at scale?