Gantt chart missing in planner

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Am I the only one missing gantt chart in planner.

What is the plans to implement this feature.

This is one of the biggest reasons why we do not use planner so mutch.
And that there is a lack of a way to plan over several projects in a single overview


This also seems to be one of the most sought after features from the community 


Ore is it time to look for other solutions

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Definitely feel your pain here.
Today, we offer a gantt chart and a roadmap feature (where you can see multiple projects in one view) in Project for the web. We're thinking hard about making the transition from Planner to Project more seamless in the future so that people can continue their work and easily collaborate with their teams.
Does moving to Project sound like an option for you and your team in the future? What might be a barrier for you? What might motivate you to onboard to an additional paid license?


several things keep us from switching
1. license
2. too complicated for users
3. good teams integration
4. mobile app

the reason why we are looking at alternative solutions is that we will then get more tools together

the only reason to pay for project is to get gantt and multi project view / managment

If you could start out in Planner and then as the topic grows sometimes and you need the additional functionality of Project could easily "promote" the Planner project to a Proj on the Web or Online this could be very useful. Sometimes you just need the ability to assign sub tasks, or show dependencies/ gantt view for better Agile/ PI planning. Very hard to do in traditional Planner.
Thanks for the detailed feedback!
Would the license ($10/month for P1) still be a barrier if only the PM needed it and everyone else on the team would be able to collaborate?
When you say good teams integration-- do you mean integration with the teams tasks app? Notifications? Today Project for the web can be added to a channel, but I know the previous 2 features are important as well :)
Great feedback Mark! Definitely something we're thinking about
This license sounds okay if the om is the only one neading it to create project in projects,
if everyone working in plants has to use it then it is going to be expensive

it is a requirement that one has a license to be able to correct tarsks in planner to update gantt chart
or can everyone do it with the normal license we have now.

I do not understand that there must be 2 different software and why you do not just get them turned into a common product.

as for teams, it is to make it as easy a sum at all as possible for everyone to contribute through teams in the planner so that everyone is updated all the time and that you do not have to work in many different places, and it is also in the tasks app

@CathyHarley  This has been a regular capability requested for Excel charts for years (decades now) but the Microsoft response has consistently been to use Project. Now with O365, the response is the same for Planner? It is literally called "Planner." Why is there so much pushback considering how simple a Gantt chart would be to implement? We have a title, a start and stop date...what more is needed?

Most users requesting this capability do not need the in-depth features of Project, and are in all likelihood not going to purchase and learn Project just for the sake of having a Gantt chart feature. They will do what I have which is to hack my way into a Gantt in Excel, then copy/paste it into PowerPoint until a less complex capability is built into the "Planning" software we already pay a licensing fee for in the first place.

Yes, it is a shame that they do not implement Gantt in planner. It is the only function, in addition to sub-tasks, we are missing to be able to avoid switching to something else as we lack relationships and a good overview.

pleas planner team make Gantt available for all.