DLP attributes, activity feeds or recycle bin functionalities.

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The planner is great, but there are some big features missing as recovery functionality and an activity change log. There more topic about this subject, but no answer from Microsoft with a feature roadmap onto the planner app.


  • Data Loss Prevention policies from Office 365 Suite inside the MS Planner
  • Audit log or activity feed with actions that are taken inside the active Plan board. (task moved to another buckets, completed tasks, delete / change / finish checklist inside a task, or changed plan dates)
  • Recycle bin functionality onto the deleted plans, buckets or tasks
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@RN1977 All of the items you've mentioned are in our backlog as capabilities to support in the future, but we don't have a definitive timeline yet on when these capabilities will be available. I have a few follow up questions to help our team understand the needs in this space:


  • We'd like to understand why DLP is needed for task information? Is there specific information you'd like to protect within tasks?
  • Can you help us understand the scenario you would like to use the plan activity feed for? We've thought about a "history log" for an individual task, but have not looked at it from a plan level much.
  • Would a recycle bin supporting just recovering deleted plans support your scenario? We do see asks from customers to support a recycle bin, so it's something our team hopes to get to in the near future. 

Thanks for your questions!

Just supporting the need for these... especially some sort of audit log (to see who might have changed a due date on a task, for example)... or better yet -- some more granular permissions within Planner so that only specified users (like a project "owner") can change due dates.
Also supporting the need for these and to tag along to what @DeannaPM said.. if a group agreed on a date or scope for a task or set of tasks and a user accidentally deleted or changed the date, it would be nice to recover in order to continue referencing after a decision had been made.

Or if a due date for something like preventative maintenance is being pushed back due to a surprise event, it would be great to see who pushed the date back and when they made this change.

A recycle bin seems to be half the solution here so that an accidentally deleted plan can be recovered, but a recovery solution and some form of audit log that also included context would be stunning! Thanks again for hearing us!!
I would like to also support the need for an activity log at the very least. I have successfully convinced my team to move from jira to planner to run our projects, but without an activity log to see who is making changes, this becomes a constant battle as people deny making changes to the plan
Question 1:
This dispend of the content information inside the planner. Inside our organization there is a governance for keeping project related data for 3 months.

Question 2:
One of the activities were we using the MS planner is the “daily startup”. In this bord there a lot buckets with activity listed. (Buckets : Information, Problems & important incidents, planning, resources and responsibilities, maintenance, projects, changes, incidents, and the personal buckets with Q&A) With a team of 10 people and a lot of quick tasks it would me nice to trace them.
An other function that can help is an search function.

Question 3:
It’s a good start.
Thank you for asking this question. The absence of these features continues to make Planner a difficult recommendation to our clients and colleagues.
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@chtran  I must say that I'm extremely disappointed to hear these features are still on the backlog.  Every time this ask comes up in UserVoice or this board, the response has been the same:  "It's on the backlog.  Tell us again why you'd want your project data protected and auditable". 


This is a frustrating limbo I find myself in when talking about Planner with clients.  Here's my scenario: 

  • While training a client on Microsoft 365, they tell us they need a tool to manage their projects
  • We discuss Planner and Project.  When Project ends up being too expense for their needs, so we look at Planner.  We have to tell them that
    1. All members of your team/group share access to Planner boards.  There is no way to restrict access to a board
    2. There is no way to restrict access within a board, preventing users from messing with buckets and tasks they have no business messing with
    3. There is no way to recover deleted tasks if you have a disgruntled employee with a bone to pick, or someone is having a bad day.  
    4. There is no way to track who modified (added/moved/edited/deleted) content from a board.  
  • After that reality check, the client will say "thanks but no thanks".

Forgive the frustration in my response, but as someone who regularly promotes M365 apps to clients, Planner is SO HARD to recommend until these problems are addressed.

I'd like to tack on a couple:

5. There is no way to edit a comment if someone makes a comment that is inappropriate or contravenes policy, regulation or law. 

6. There is no way to assign dates to subtasks or items on a checklist.


Planner is just aggravating because it's got promise but it's clear Microsoft has no intention of fixing the glaring holes on any sort of timely basis.

@chtran: Is there already an update for this subject?

@RN1977 Adding some support for this. I would like to see auditing for when a person is given or loses access to a particular board, as well as who granted/removed that access. We have had several occasions now that would have been resolved much more easily with that information. 

@chtran do you have an update regarding the topics.
Having any kind of logging in case someone deleted a task or bucket would be really useful!