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Hi all,


We can't promote the use of this great tool until the date format is anything other than the US version. For instance, today is 14/3/2018 for us in the UK, not 3/14/2018  !!

I'm watching the progress of this bug very closely.





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Hi Mathew, If you set your locale to be en-GB in O365 settings and enter planner through the O365 App Switcher we should be respecting it in Planner. Also if your browser locale is set to en-GB we will respect that as well. We are looking at supporting the case of navigating directly to and retrieving your O365 setting to show the format correctly.
Mathew - If you navigate to we will respect that throughout your session so that is a quick workaround to getting the date format you need.

Thanks for the reply. You're right! Through the O365 App Switcher, my local is picked up. Sometimes I go in this way.

This fix might be new(?)

I think I've worked out that... when in a SharePoint site (of an O365 Team Site), if you add a planner link to the left hand shortcut panel (via the 'Edit' button), you get a ""   link, not a

""   link!


does that make sense?