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For planner tasks, will we be able to add custom fields in the near future?

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Hi Lily! We currently do not have any plans to add custom fields to Planner. We are, however, actively working on and investigating improvements to Labels - including increasing the number of labels you can use and adding more customizations/flexibility to how they get created.

@lilychu You can use the third party apps to create custom fields for Planner tasks. 

It doesn't seem to go well this features. But it's a real need for many people! Do you think there is still a developper team working on Planner???
Which one do you recommend?
Need custom fields

@Santhosh Balakrishnan, I do not understand, which app you mean and what the app is supposed to do... ? 


Custom field addition is very much important. Smart sheet is providing this feature and MS planner should support adding custom fields.


i don't think that adding new features for labels would help here 

I'm using the planner for planning my task and i do find it hard to work when: 


* i want to distribute a task between two or more persons - and giving each the % of the task.


* adding hours required field to each task , the from date and to date are more of a range that the task needs to be done and it is not the amount of hours needed for it .


so if i want to plan my tasks better i need to know the time needed and then to see how it affects my work load.

so in brief : custom fields are truly needed !


I mean third-party app named, Apps4.Pro Planner. This app will help you to create custom fields in Planner tasks and manage them effortlessly from the app.
You can try Apps4.Pro Planner Gantt app to distribute tasks and track the status via Gantt.