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For planner tasks, will we be able to add custom fields in the near future?

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Hi Lily! We currently do not have any plans to add custom fields to Planner. We are, however, actively working on and investigating improvements to Labels - including increasing the number of labels you can use and adding more customizations/flexibility to how they get created.

@lilychu You can use the third party apps to create custom fields for Planner tasks. 

It doesn't seem to go well this features. But it's a real need for many people! Do you think there is still a developper team working on Planner???
Which one do you recommend?
Need custom fields

@Santhosh Balakrishnan, I do not understand, which app you mean and what the app is supposed to do... ? 


Custom field addition is very much important. Smart sheet is providing this feature and MS planner should support adding custom fields.