Current MS Planner Task limits

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Do we have any current guidance yet on limits for how many new Tasks can be created per user in Planner? Most of the information is from 2017

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One followup to this: are there new Task limit differences between GCCH/Public tenants and Commercial tenants
Thanks Corey for the question. We generally try to design our limits such that users should not hit them or worry about hitting them. With that said, 2 follow ups for you to help better understand your scenarios: 1 - Are you currently hitting any limits? If so where and what are your scenarios around this? 2 - Can you tell us more about why having the limits information helps you in your usage of Planner? Thank you
No difference.
Currently we only have 1 user getting an error only when trying to create New Tasks, and this is in a Government/Public Sector tenant. He has about 1200 current and closed tasks. He can edit tasks fine, but the error message indicated either he has hit his task limit OR there is not enough room in the SharePoint space that he is creating tasks in.
Exact error was: We couldn't complete your request because item or storage limit has been exceeded.
To address part 2 of your question: We are using Planner a lot more in the last 3 months, and have discontinued the use of Trello. We just want to make sure we can start using it in large-scale. It could very well be this is a one-off, and doesn't have to do with Task limits.
Ok thanks Corey - I'm following up with our engineering team to see if they have any insights here.
Just to clarify - the user has 1200 tasks total in this plan (mix of active and closed), correct?
I have funny news to report. Most of the information that I gathered was from a few days ago. I just checked in with the user, and the problem has morphed. He no longer gets "We couldn't complete your request because item or storage limit has been exceeded" when he creates New Tasks. Now he got the error when trying to add a new member besides himself on existing Tasks. So, probably not a problem with task limits per se. If he adds himself as a new member, he does not get any error. The error is happening on the SMALLEST of his plans. Besides task limits, do you know other causes that could generate this error?

And he has exactly 999 tasks... 945 in "Completed" state

Ok so he adds a new assignee and gets this error. How many assignees are already on the tasks where he's adding additional people? Does the error show a correlation ID or do you have his AAD user ID? We may be able to get more information about this error.
Also for the 999 tasks, are they all assigned to this user?

Following this thread in hope to get guidance on what thresholds apply for Planner and quite disappointed that there is no clear answer like we have for other products. We are looking into using tasks and I would guess that over a period of 1 year a user would have 2000-3000 active and completed tasks then we need to keep them for another 2-3 years hence over a period of 3 years I would guess some users could have let us say 6000-10000 tasks across different plans (completed/active). So it would be really nice to get straight guidelines on this!

@Luke-PlannerPMHi, I am wondering if anything has been updated regarding MS Planner task limitations? Currently, from what I have found, I can't change the font when labeling attachments, I am limited to the number of attachments (9, I believe)-does this also include size of the attachment and if so, what is the size now? I also can't add hyperlinks within the "Notes" and "Comments" field as a work around to the attachment limitation.

What about checklist items?


Every checklist has the limit of 20 items (that's not enough)

Every checklist item is limited by 100 characters (also not enough)

@cknoettg It's not clear to me if we still have a limit for tasks in a plan. Do you know it? And if so, how'd you suggest to keep the record of the conversation in a task, since we can't save this information?


Thanks in advance

I have not yet heard back directly from Microsoft on what the current limits may be.
I'm just got this message. I've been promoting the use of Planner in the organisation. Have I made a big mistake? 1000 tasks is not alot.
I promoted it in my organization and we've been using it heavily for about 3 years. But honestly, I've had nothing but issue after issue with reaching or exceeding these mysterious limits. I have a new error today that says I exceeded an item or storage limit. I have no idea what that means, but just my opinion, I would not use it for any large scale projects across an organization. I'm actively looking for a replacement to get us mostly out of Planner.
It is way not enough. Please raise that significantly.