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Is there a current status on the ability to copy a bucket? You have copy a task and copy a whole plan but no ability to copy a bucket. I sometimes have the need to have dozens of 'plans' that are very similar and with only a small number of tasks in each. Instead of creating many separate plans we have one plan and in it each bucket is a separate instance. One bucket is a 'template' that contains the tasks with labels, checklists, etc. and we need to copy that template to another bucket and only update the dates.

Is this functionality planned? Seems odd you can do a task or a whole plan but not a bucket. Thank you.

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Thanks for detailed explanation. This exact functionality is not planned yet. This might be a perfect time to ask for your input on this area. We have heard of similar asks, for example, when copy tasks can I select multiple tasks, or when I enter tasks can I select to import from my existing tasks from other plan. Will any of these flow also satisfy your specific need, if all are possible, which way would you prefer? Thanks!
I imagine if it were possible to select multiple tasks I could select all tasks in a bucket and then copy them to another but I believe the best way is just like you have now. Click the ellipses on the bucket and have option to 'Copy Bucket' and have it present a dialog box similar to copy task. It is very cumbersome to have dozens of individual plans, all with a single bucket and small number of tasks. The 'bucket per plan' method seems to work, and keeps the planner interface and number of plans manageable but right now you have to copy task by task which is not realistic. The only downside is the viewing when there are dozens of buckets but the filters help that alot.

I'm right with you, @Steve Mitchell. Having to individually duplicate tasks in Microsoft Planner/Project almost makes the system more cumbersome than it is worth. I would love to be able to copy entire buckets or select multiple tasks to be copied at the same time.

@Steve Mitchell Yes I would love to have this feature as well! 

"I would love to be able to copy entire buckets or select multiple tasks to be copied at the same time." Both options would be great! @WPubAssociateEditor @Si Meng
I would also appreciate this functionality.
I am in agreement with the others here. Our team has 3-5 identical series of tasks that need to be tracked, it is very cumbersome to have 3-5 tabs within a channel in teams. Would really benefit being able to copy the entire bucket as opposed to individual tasks.

Hi there I was wondering if this was still being considered as being able to copy a bucket or multiple tasks at a time would be really helpful. It would also be great if a task added to the bottom instead of the top because any list works top to bottom @Si Meng 

yes yes yes! the sooner the better please!

@Steve Mitchell 


Please, please, please allow users to be able to copy an entire bucket, not just individual tasks. Planner is not worth using in my opinion unless there is that functionality. 


Thank you. 

@Steve Mitchell I'm hoping if we can get some traction on this post Microsoft will put the manpower behind this solution. I'm still using planner and duplicating every task in a bucket that holds 15 tasks! This seems like an easy fix!

Yes please! Spending too much time duplicating individual tasks.

Same here! We spend a lot of time in our project teams copying many individual tasks. The ability to copy a bucket, or multiple tasks would save us a great amount of time and help prevent accidental omissions. :) 

Hi @Steve Mitchell 


It is possible using Power Automate if that's helpful.


For example:

  • Set up a template bucket in plan A
  • Create SharePoint item with key info (e.g. date, name)
  • Create a Flow that copies the template into plan B, perhaps using the name as the bucket title


@williamzNetthanks, wish I knew what this tool was or how to use it.  It is a remarkable programming oversight, just like forgetting to build the Teams app as a tabbed browser. 

@WPubAssociateEditor I don't know how MS prioritizes these things but you would think that this would be a higher priority than aesthetics like backgrounds, etc. I can't afford to keep waiting for simple stuff like this. 


@williamzNet Great idea but we should have to go through those gyrations when it can be done in a few clicks in the app just like the other copy functions.


For now I have given up on this and am using a 3rd party tool by Apps4.Pro called Planner Manager. It certainly isn't ideal but it's pretty powerful what you can do with import function. I will export tasks, massage them quickly in excel then import them via planner manager. Again not elegant but it works for me for now.

@Steve Mitchell Planner needs this functionality yesterday. Surely when they were copying the functionality of Trello they noticed how people create buckets that are templates and copy those over?

This would definitely be used. You can copy a task so you should be able to copy a bucket and all its contents. I would use this ALL THE TIME.

Of the two options you have provided I'd prefer the select multiple tasks to copy rather than import because presumably then I'd have to click a bunch more to go find the other plan whereas I assume the available tasks would show up as a checklist. It would be simpler however to allow a copy bucket option.
Being able to select multiple tasks or an entire bucket of tasks, would be great!