Copy plan to existing team


Hi! I have many customers asking for the copy plan feature but to apply it to an existing plan!

Is this something you are thinking about doing?

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I do to. Mine don't believe me when I tell them its not possible. They jumped on the bandwagon last year and have many plans with many groups and its a mess, they want to consolidate and cannot. This is causing a great deal of pain
Hey Adam, do you mean, you want to add the copied plan to an existing group? Or, you want to copy all the tasks and buckets and add them into an existing plan that also has its own different tasks and buckets?
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We are currently working on the ability to copy a plan into an existing group. There's a technical limitation in the current implementation, and we're working on a design to remove this limitation. We don't yet have a projected date to release this feature, as we have some other high priority work that is limiting the amount of time we can focus on it.

@David Moksha 


Yes, what I mean is to copy all tasks to an existing plan :)


Is there anything we do to change the priority of this request? My customers are incredulous that they can't do this.

@adam deltinger thanks for clarifying! Have you posted it on our uservoice?
It would be helpful to get some user stories for this scenario. I wonder if Copying a Bucket from one plan to another could partially fulfill this ask?

@Dean Gross I also wish there were a way to speed the process up! While I can't give a projection date, I can tell you that the engineers (including myself) are working on it. Thanks for your enthusiasm.

Of course this would help as well! And of course support of doing this programmatically :)