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Is it posibell to connect different Plan with each other, even in a hierachy?

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Hi! This is not directly possible today, but you can create and copy plans within the same M365 group. We'd love to hear what scenario you'd need this in, or how you would use this.

@jackieduongwe have teams with different plans for each team which have tasks in relation or connected to each other. Therefore a connection of different teams would be interesting.

@jackieduong it would be a good way to connect different working teams that aren't in the same Plan as that has other implications across M365.

@ehuntAU can you share more what "connect different working teams" looks like to you? What would you do with the connection, and how would this impact you and your team?

@jackieduong sure thing!


We have group 1 that works primarily on this function area so they have their own MS group which controls their Teams, Planner, sharepoint, etc. There is some overflow with a few people but they don't really work together that much so I'd prefer to keep them out of the group as much as possible (so they aren't in the team, sharepoint, planner overall, etc). But I'd like to assign them to a task/bucket within our plan. 


Basically, the ask is if we can have a person or people as guests so that they can be assigned a task or bucket and act on it but without being added to the user group. 

I would love to have the ability to connect multiple plans together. I work in the curriculum department of a school system and coordinate an office with 8 sub-offices. I was directed to create a planner that includes multiple buckets and assign a copy of the template plan to each sub-office. Once a month I have to go through each sub plan and copy the information (tasks, progress, dates, attachments, and notes) into a master plan for the director of the department.
I would love the ability create a plan template and any labeled tasks would create a sub plan with like labels that would then feed back to the plan template.



I manage the zone for America's and I have many plants that we execute projects with. It would be very good if each plant manages their own planner but then I could connect that to a zone planner. Because not all projects at plant level need zone visibility. This would prevent redundant work trying to keep multiple planners sync.