Combined schedule/board/chart view for all “sub-plan” in the main “plan”

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It’s possible to create multiple plans related to the same “Microsoft Teams” by creating multiple tabs. We have access to this plan on the web but there is no way to view a “Board/Charts/schedule” that combines all plans of the Teams together so we can have a global view on the Teams tasks.

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That's an interesting scenario, thanks for sharing that with us. We'll definitely keep this in mind as we continue to improve upon our views in Planner and how Teams can utilize them to work together!

+1 for this. If this data is in the graph thou we should be able to build powerapp dashboard that works cross Team I would think. I'm actually going to look into this cause it would be a nice write up if it's doable.

I would also greatly appreciate this feature. Many Teams have multiple projects going on at once, and it would be nice to see an integrated calendar view of all Plans linked to the same Team.

Hi, I was curious if this was being considered for a future update? I just started using teams and planner. I manage a small group and we have multiple projects. It looks like the best approach is to set each project up as a channel in teams and then a planner tab for each. As the manager though I would love to see a combined board for tasks on all projects. Similar to what you can see in the planner app for ‘my tasks’ but since I’m not assigned to each task I would like a way to see a combined list that includes even tasks I’m not assigned to. Thanks!

This would be very useful indeed, to identify competing priorities between projects, and tasks assigned to people. There is only so much you can structure with labels and buckets where there are many tasks to manage. 

Wondering, has anyone developed a work around for this - to see from a global/project manager view multiple plans (with different user assignments)

Any updates on this?


Without this functionality, the true workload and status of the team cannot be determined across multiple plans. 


This would lead to the creation of one very large, enterprise wide plan.  But then, if you want to add an external member (ex. a customer) to a Teams channel, they would see information unrelated to that channel.


I am the director of a consulting company where we have 1 team but multiple customers.  We want the team statistics across all plans, we want to invite customers to specific Team Channels but we can't allow them to see other customers' plans.


So either,

1 - You have multiple plans that are associated with channels in a 1:1 relationship and an external user is exposed to only their relevant plan but you lose enterprise wide statistics.


2 - You create one master plan that is associated with multiple channels in a 1:many relationship and you get the enterprise wide statistics but you lose the ability to invite external users due to the risk of exposing unrelated and potentially proprietary information to them.  


Is this a request that can be voted on?


Thank you!

Do you have an update for us?


It is *essential* for teams that work on multiple projects at the same time be able to view tasks grouped by each team member across multple projects (plans). Bascially all professonal service teams and company management teams have this need. Now we can only see tasks grouped by member within a single plan. I understand that this works just fine for product development (one team, one product, one plan), but what about the rest of us?


@Joanna Parkhurst wrote:



That's an interesting scenario, thanks for sharing that with us. We'll definitely keep this in mind as we continue to improve upon our views in Planner and how Teams can utilize them to work together!

This is a severe limitation that is forcing many to stay with Trello or Asana.



Did you find a way to scrape the data from multiple plans into one dashboard?

We are very interested in this feature. Can you please provide any update or insight if this will be added?

@Joanna Parkhurst Not only is this an interesting scenario - I feel it's absolutely critical.  Not having a consolidated team view (dashboard that consolidates all plans/tasks linked to a team) is making it very difficult for team leaders to efficiently and effectively monitor all open team projects (plans) and related tasks.  Teams/Planner is an awesome tool - but currently this one drawback is a constant thorn in our sides.  Thanks so much!!!

For feature suggestions and an update on their status, please head over to! This is a great scenario to add!


I manage 9 teams, and multiple plans for each team - Without a consolidated view, Its a nightmare to manage.  Did you ever find a resolution to your similar issue?

I’m transitioning my team from Planner to a different solution because this functionality doesn’t exist. As a manager, it’s a deal breaker for me not to have one consolidated view of all tasks assigned to each employee.

@TangaMB I'm curious what solution you have gone to? 

We are going to use Power Automate to create a spreadsheet of all of the task from multiple plans.  

@Gregory Astroth 


Can't believe this is still an issue and hasn't been addressed yet by Microsoft.


I've not tried it yet, but this solution for portfolio management seems like the perfect solution:  Maybe we'll see the functionality if Microsoft ever buys them?


We are a small consulting shop and I tried to negotiate less than 5 users for their $20/month plan, but Darko on their sales side wasn't open to my offer. :(

Update: I reached out to PPM Express again and Darko told me about a single user "Pro" version that can be purchased for $25/month. I don't see that option on their "Pricing" page. Pretty spendy (MN term) in my opinion, but he claims they are the most modestly priced offering in the space. I may take a free trial to check it out.

Hope it helps.