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@Sarah.Gilbert Hello Planner wizards. First off, we love Planner! Next, it would be great for us to be able to color code tasks that are "fixed" at the top of each bucket. For example, in our set up, our buckets represent each of our sites. The first task below each bucket is the site status (open/closed/etc), and then we have tasks cascading down. Any way to change the color (not just the label) of a task?


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@BGinAZ Hello, and thank you for your question! We love hearing that you love Planner :). 


We don't currently have plans for color-coding a task (outside of the label functionality). Can you say more about why labels aren't appropriate for your scenario?


Additionally, you may know this already, but something we use to prioritize is UserVoice: There are many items there about labels, so if you have scenarios that aren't addressed by our current implementation of labels (or if you just want a different feature altogether), I'd recommend using this site to add your voices and votes to this feature!


We do read through the UserVoice comments when we design and implement any new feature, so any thoughts you put there will be considered as we design this feature.


Let me know if you have any more questions or concerns about this! Thank you again for your input.

@Holly1 I would guess that labels aren't appropriate because you can't see them in the calendar view. Everything is the same color, regardless of label. It would be better if they were colored.



@Holly1 just echoing that color coding would be a great enhancement to visually bucket tasks in planner by fix categories (in particular priority).


YES! Especially if the color coding could be done automatically based on a user-selected keyword in the task, particularly in the title or description. Having the color carry through to the calendar would be fantastic.

I fully support this initiative as well!

@DickersonC I find it quite strange that during product meetings this never came up as a 'thing'. it's well known that we recognise colour before words so would be a quick way to identify specific tasks before reading the detail.


Is there any chance this can be put on the road map?

@Sarah.Gilbert  over 1.5 years since this topic was open. Any improvement? solution?


@Holly1 see above ^^
I couldn't agree more that MS Planner needs color coding. This is a necessary function of anything in a calendar view. The purpose of the 'Labeling" function would be much more effective if I could also label these tasks the same color on the calendar to when people see it at a glance they could immediately know what this task pertains to.
Agree completely. The labels are great in 1 view only: the board.
If my team is to use the schedule (ie Calendar) view and we have, say, 12 ongoing activities, the current schedule view is basically useless.
The same can be said, by the way, about the calendar view for MS Lists. We can track activities in lists now very well, and the color-coding works great there. But once you get to the calendar view.... nothing carries over.
It's a matter of consistency and coherency within the applications.

Echo @DavisMichael the visual of colour coding timelines across a calendar view is a must for any serious planning application, come on MS when are you going to do this?

Hello, I am quite new to Planner and spent a long time in Sharepoint trying to find settings for colour coding in calendar view as I can't believe this is not a functionality. Is this on the roadmap?


Me too! I need to use calendar view to show different content campaign activities over the months to my stakeholders. This works great in Boards with labels - but without a colour-coded label view, calendar is useless.   

Any update on this? It says user voice is not available.



thanks for your answer. 


You must know that color codes in schedule view are essential. This allows to clearly separate types of tasks and they are relevant to the internal use of groups. I appreciate labels, but labels are for a different use, not for visual analysis.


Until Gantt view is included into Plans, colors for Tasks is essential.




@Holly1 Two things:

1) It's been over 18 months and more and more people are wanting color-coding functionality. Any update and when/if this is going to happen?

2) I tried accessing UserVoice: but it has been disabled. Does this mean the color-coding enhancement is in the works or Microsoft has gotten tired of people requesting it?

I want to echo what everyone has said here.  Color coding the tasks on the calendar would be amazing.  Also, adding specific start and stop times during the day.  Otherwise, this has been a great product!!!

I'm sure task colors are important to some, but with the majority of the categories in a Planner task creation or update UI already tied up with simply dealing with 25 color box choices it really frustrates those of us who would like to use Power Automate to do more useful things like trigger actions based on task priority or update the task priority based on other triggers, both which seem much more important from a task management perspective than simply a bunch of color choices.  The name "priority" should give some indication that it is a category related to how important the task is.  I mean really, you can't even assign a priority to task when you create or update it?  It's almost as if priority doesn't exist from a automation flow perspective.  To me, it seems too much focus is already being put on colors, and not enough focus on more meaningful categories more closely related to how we manage tasks in the real world.   It's a question of style over substance in my opinion.  So I down vote even more color related functions/options in planner.

@ranchhand The point is, we can assign colors but we cannot see the colors in the calendar view. Don't downvote this suggestion because you're frustrated about another functionality. I believe in a world where we can have both.