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Hi, the new charts in each project is a great addition we're enjoying. Is there any plan to extend the charts view across all plans so that we can view the workload assigned to each member not just in 1 project, but all projects (so we can view workload balance across members)

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@jemo78 Thank you for your question, and glad to hear that you are enjoying the Charts view!


Currently we do not have plans to extend the charts view across all plans. However, this type of ask (giving you a consolidated view across several plans) is something we definitely hear from our users, so we hope to look into it in the future!


You may know this already, but something we use to prioritize is UserVoice: We'd love if you use this forum to add your vote and voice to this feature request!


If you have specific thoughts on this particular feature, we read through the UserVoice comments when we design and implement any new feature, so any thoughts you put there will be considered as we design this feature.


Let me know if you have any more questions or concerns about this! Thank you again for your input.

Thanks for the response @Holly1 

Yup, I've upvoted that suggestion in Uservoice so looking forward to when it finally gets prioritized 👍🏾