Back-up and restore Plans


We are starting to use planner for the organization of projects and group work. The fact that each Plan member can change everything and also delete any tasks (and not just his/her own at least) is really an issue. When the whole project organization is in a Planner this seems to be a risk. Is there any possibility to backup and restore plans in Planner? The related user voices are from 2016... This would be highly needed.
The expected ability to download Plans via excel would participial solve that issue - by when could this be realized? Thanks a lot!

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@Konstantina Antoniadou thanks for asking!
- There's a thread here about exporting to Excel. We are working on this, as well as the complementary import!

- As to the broader question of limiting edit access for users of the plan, this is something we are looking into. We do appreciate all of the feedback, expectations and scenarios on uservoice, so do keep those user stories coming!

We've looked into external backup software such as Veeam or Synology Active Backup. While those work for most parts of Office 365, Planner is not supported. Are there any plans to support external backup solutions? Is there a timeline for having an internal backup solution? I didn’t see much progress, is there a future for Planner at all? Without proper backup, Planner is not more than a toy. We cannot ask our customers to consider Planner for serious business without backup.

@David Moksha 


I will echo others concerns re Planner; Great concept in the form of 'Project Lite', but it absolutely requires an ability to save a Plan [to One-Drive) as well as for a creator (Owner) to designate those who may:

  • co-own/change/copy/delete the Plan
  • edit the plan (as in 'fill in' plan progress steps
  • and relegate others by default to READONLY.