Audit Log / Finalized name for Planner

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Planner is an exciting new way to track activities and tasks in Microsoft Teams and I'm looking forward to learning more.. I have two questions!

  1. Is there a plan to add a feature like a recycle bin that keeps track of deleted tasks or plans with an ability to recover? Additionally will there be some form of audit log to track who has deleted tasks or plans? If so is there a target date for this feature? 
  2. Has the Microsoft Planner Team decided on what will be the final name for Planner? (Tasks by Planner, Planner, Tasks etc.) And if so is there a target date for this change? 

Thanks so much for any information! 

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Thanks volpep for the questions. My colleague Charlie Tran is going to answers #1 here

For #2 - We're changing "Tasks by Planner and To Do" to "Tasks", we're targeting end of April into May. This will only impact the Teams app.
Thanks for your response, I really appreciate it!