Assigning individual checklist tasks?

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Will we get the functionality to assign subtasks (checklist items) to specific people? It gets confusing when you have to assign multiple people to a task and when each person is done with their part they just unassign the task. Would be better if we could assign subtasks to individual people or persons

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Thanks for posting the question!
Mark, there is no update on assigning individual checklist tasks. As a workaround to assigning multiple people and they un-assign when their part is done, could there be individual tasks be created, and each task has their own owner? I understand this is not ideal and it's not exactly what you're looking for, we'd appreciate if you can provide an example to help us understand why you prefer to use sub-tasks to group the tasks.
Hi @Si Meng,
One example for me is I am a Mgr of Mgrs, so frequently I will assign the same task to all 9 of the Dir's on my team. I used to do the method above but to copy and create 9 separate tasks for each time I do this (which is often) became too much and then soon we have alot of tasks in our planner. I know this is a big problem for many that use Planner so they either need to build in less productive work arounds as you mention or use another product.

Another example - in our operational teams we will define the main task at the top but might have 5-10 items on the checklist. We have to label them with putting the assigned persons name in the checklist title for each item. They complete the checklist item, and then unassign the overall task so they don't get reminders or late notices.
Very detailed explanation. Thank you so much for letting us hear your scenario. This is definitely something the team is thinking about! We'll take the ask back and keep our users posted on the progress.

@Si Meng Any news about this one? To have ten entries in the list without an option to assign it individually will force us to create 5 tasks with 2 options. This let us assign it to a particular person, but it is is still impossible to see if the overall progress.


@Si Meng Any updates on this?

Any updates here? I used Trello in a former job and really enjoyed the fact that you could both assign sub-tasks and also assign sub-task due-dates to keep yourself and your team on track. Would really love to see this in Planner!
Any updates here? We would like the checklist items within Planner to be able to assign to a specific person per checklist item/subtask for the purposes of on and offboarding checklist tasks for a single employee. It does not make sense to have separate tasks for each because then it is tricky to see the progress of the on/offboarding tasks required by IT overall status for one employee.

Voicing my support for this feature also. It would be very useful to have dates and assignees added to individual checklist items. 

Here is my support as well, this would be a huge improvement. microsoft, any news?

It is not only the assigning of the tasks but also due dates for those tasks. This allows an overall task due date and then all components of that task to be assigned with due dates.

@Si Meng Any update on this?


In addition to this thread, I noticed there are high numbers of users asking for the ability to assign checklist items and set a due date on checklist items. To be able to assign and set due dates for "subtasks" (or, checklists, as Planner calls them now) is a key feature of any task planning system our company could use. See Trello, Asana, Basecamp, and Hive as just a few of your competitor alternatives that are providing users with this vital function now.


This is also a feature that has been repeatedly requested to Microsoft for a long time:


For all the users who have requested this feature and are waiting for a solution, here is a workaround that someone posted in 2020 that may be helpful:


Thank you Microsoft! Please let us know what's going on to help us with this.

Agreed! We need to be able to assign multiple team members to complete 'checklist'/subtasks under the umbrella of the main Tasks. Its a TEAM effort right?!
We are an architecture firm and the main tasks may be 'Floor Plans' and the subtasks are a million little things that need to be done to complete the floor plans. I would like to be able to assign those subtasks individually.
Agreed would be helpful, other products do it so if Planner can’t adjust soon most will use other solutions. Today we assign everyone needed to the task, then in checklist item add (name of person assigned) and ask then to remove their name on the main task assignment when they are done with all of their tasks on the checklist. Then we know who if left to complete what.

@Mark Hulett ; @Si Meng 


I see that MSFT has gone radio silent on this one as well. Every time I revisit planner in teams I quickly butt up against deficiencies that preclude me from wanting to use it. It is frustrating to see such little progress with MS Teams and MS project integration over the last 4 years.... such potential.... moving on. 

@MasterDebater I moved onto a task management tool (ClickUp) a few months ago. It's an added expense, but the MS solution was not usable without individual checklist tasks

@Mark Hulett 


Mark I agree this feature should be added, without it is chaotic trying to use Microsoft Planner when several different associates are involved in completion of the Topic/Task Item.  Being that Microsoft has been asked to add this feature for a while now it will most likely not be added. I guess the planner is great if there is only one associate assigned lol


@Si Meng 

Assigning a team member to a subtask (checklist) would be a wonderful enhancement because in many instances each checklist item is a major component to the overall task and done by someone else. The problem with putting everyone on the top line task assignment is that it confuses the line of management. If we could assign a checklist item to another team member then we can keep tabs on exactly what person is responsible for a component of work within a task to an overall project. I believe that not being able to assign a team member to a task check list item is a flaw in the product. You could name tasks in a hierarchical manner, but this puts more of a manual process in naming conventions. 

I would really appreciate having that feature as well. Currently, I label each checklist item with the staff members' initials, but not the long term answer. Another potential solution for assigning checklist items to different associates could be achieved through Power Automate. This could involve automating the process of checking all checklists for initials and cross-referencing them with a staff table. Subsequently, it would auto-create a new task with the checklist item name, assigning it to the respective staff member. To distinguish them as subtasks, you could utilise a label feature within Planner. Additionally, you could implement a feedback mechanism to automatically mark the original checklist item as complete once the subtask is finished. I'm presently working on an online course called Power Plan, which aims to address some of Planner's issues, such as the need for backup files and the ability to auto-generate unique project codes. I'm certainly planning to incorporate this checklist task idea into the course. Feel free to reach out if you'd like to see a demonstration!
Yes! Without this functionality, using this for task planning is almost silly.