Assign or designate a task "owner"

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We could really use the ability to flag or designate a task assignee as the "owner" of the task.  Mainly for visibility, reporting, etc.  To take it a step further, it would be great if that user could have permissions that non-owners don't have -- like the ability to edit a due date, or other task details.  Thanks for listening! 

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Thanks for sharing! Just so I understand you correctly, are you looking for owners and assignees and others (viewers of the task) to have different permission? Would it be helpful if task creators get notified of what their tasks are edited? It'd be great if you could help me understand the nature of the plan you have.
This makes sense in certain work flow and Planner set-ups. You could have "isPrimary" as the database column inside the Planner architecture. It is good info to digest in a more flat organization vs hierarchical organization.

@Si Meng: Mainly I'd like to be able to simply "designate" an assignee (or assignees) as the "owner"... in our world, this is the person "accountable" for the task; multiple people may work on it, but ultimately the task's completion is this person's responsibility, and we would like to be able to report on that for our various metrics. Allowing these users to have different permissions than the regular "assignees" would be icing on the cake... because then we could have better control over who can edit the details of a task -- most importantly the due date. Right now, anyone can edit a due date, and given there is no audit trail for that, we can't really have accurate reporting to tell us how we are meeting our initial completion goals.

And YES -- it would definitely be helpful if task creators were notified that their tasks were edited (and what edits were made). And if we could designate a task "owner" -- it would be best if they were notified, because in our world, the creator may simply be the administrator of the plan... and not really the person responsible for the task.

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I think you should just go all-in and have a RASIC based id for those assigned to a task. It is being used for project management after all.

I too assign TASKS to my team that may include several colleagues, but would like to assign one person as the task owner with the others as contributors to the task. Yet to see this solved? Has it been?