AMA Question: Status of Simple features, and responses to uservoice


There are literally thousands of comments in the planner uservoice asking for simple features like the ability to edit/delete comments and clearly a hugely frustrated user-base because 

a) there appears to be zero development on these features

b) Planner PMs don't respond to uservoice, and many of the "updates" there are years old, or say things like "coming in November" (of 2019), and have never been updated.


QUESTION:  Two part question:

a) Can we expect some of these features to be implemented in the near future? 
b) Has the planner team abandoned Uservoice, or can we expect that the disconnect there will be fixed in the near future.

(as an aside: we have chosen NOT to rollout planner unless simple things like editing are corrected)

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Hi Luis - UserVoice is definitely one of the primary forums our team monitors for customer feedback. My apologies for our team falling a bit behind on updating threads there, but we're working on catching up and hope to be better regarding updates going forward.

Our team has been 100% heads down working with Teams to deliver the new Tasks app for Teams, which is targeted for release in the next few months. Given our focus on that, we haven't been able to make as much progress on all the highly requested features as we would have liked, but they have not been forgotten and remain on our backlog to tackle going forward.

I hear your need for edit/deleting comments. Our team is looking at how we can improve the commenting experience all up (including edit/delete, supporting mentions, rich text, improved notifications, etc.), but it's a longer term plan as it will likely involve a significant infrastructure change from the technologies we leverage for comments today.

Thanks for your question and feedback, it really helps us make the product better!